5 Ways Rapid Prototyping Tools Are Changing the World

April 16th, 2018

3D printing has captured the attention of the world, yet remained elusive because of the cost... until now!

The price of 3D printing machines has dropped and they are more affordable for companies and even the consumer. Because of this, market studies expect the demand and profit from 3D printing to skyrocket over the next 5 years.

Rapid prototyping has already been making waves and creating new opportunities in many ways!

Read on to learn 5 ways that rapid prototyping tools have already begun to change the world we live in.

1. Surgery

Doctors have been using rapid prototyping tools to make copies of human organs so they can practice a complicated procedure before getting the patient into the operating room.

This allows the doctor to be more confident when performing a difficult surgery and causes less risk to the patient.

As 3D printing advancements continue, doctors believe we will be able to print new organs to implant into patients instead of putting people on long transplant waitlists.

2. Prosthetics

Prosthetics have long been difficult to get for children because they outgrow the devices often. Also, the traditional prosthetic materials were often too heavy for younger wearers to use.

3D printers are now able to print a prosthetic that is custom fit for a child and the virtual model adjusted as the child grows and needs a new one printed.

Similar prosthetics are also making their way into the veterinary world so a 3 legged Fido can finally get his 4th leg back.

3. Architecture

Rapid prototyping tools are also capable of printing large objects also!

There are full-size houses made today with 3D printing which are not only built quickly but are also cheap to make and energy efficient!

Some architects believe that this technology can change the way we build low-income housing and reduce the housing deficit.

4. Environmental Technology

We have all heard about the world's coral reefs dying because of the Earth's warming trend. It has already caused major damage to the marine ecosystems that used to thrive in those areas.

Now, one company in Bahrain has begun to use rapid prototyping to print new reefs to replace the dead ones where fish and other marine life can begin to recover.

5. Manufacturing with Rapid Prototyping Tools

3D printing is now allowing companies to print a few models at a time for use in testing and small-scale releases. Low volume production like this was impossible with standard manufacturing production lines.

One of the best 3D rapid prototyping tools on the market is the Roland DGA. When purchased from a helpful retailer, it is customizable to fit the needs of your manufacturing business.

The software is compatible with your IOS or Android smartphone for on-the-go model editing.

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