Transparent hydraulics with SMC

Founded in 1959, SMC has become the worldwide leading expert in automation with 12,000

basic products and over 700,000 variations. With all of that experience and expertise, marketing leading innovation is not surprising - particularly in career & technical education!

I believe we can all agree that hands-on, visual learning impacts us in ways that might not be accomplished otherwise. Opening a hood and watching a motor run just doesn't crystallize the same effect as watching a transparent motor function - the piston movement, the camshaft, crankshaft...etc. SMC crosses that learning threshold with the transparent hydraulics trainer, the HYDROMODEL-200.

With the HYDROMODEL-200, students are able to build hydraulics and electro-hydraulics circuits and actually see the flow and operation of hydraulic components. Being able to see the inside the components as they operate, watching the reactive flow of the hydraulic fluid, creates a level of understanding and impact that's unmatched with a "closed component" system.

Visit SMC's YouTube channel to see this system in action! Consider the HYDROMODEL-200 for your students.

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