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Lab Resources, Inc. has proudly served the educational community in Texas and Oklahoma for over 25 years. Our focus continues to be on providing leading-edge, technical training solutions for all levels of education. We deliver installation, training, service, and support to ensure that we're there every step of the way with our customers.  We would rather lose a sale than provide you with a product that doesn't fit your program. We value our relationship with you, our customer.  

 we   our customers

"I received a call this afternoon from Greg with Forest Scientific.  He stated that he and John had talked about a teacher needing more help with the CNC software.  Greg said they had decided to fly in and do personal training with the teacher.  At no cost for this training.  I think this is wonderful thing for this company to do.  I have worked with Forest Scientific for 25 years and they are just as interested in having the teacher trained so the students can experience the excitement of programming and making parts."

"Thanks for all you do for us and our students.  I love working with you." AUG 2019


Don Kelly / Garland ISD / CTE Specialist

"I just want to say thank you so much to you and everyone over at Lab Resources that made this possible for our teacher at College Park.  We really appreciate how quick you got this equipment to them and coming out for the installation and training.  Looking forward to another great school year and this just made it even better for our kids." AUG 2019

Jan Payne / Conroe ISD

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Meet The Team

laura allan


Laura Fav.jpg

brian allan

vice president &

sales consultant

Sales Territory: 

K-12 and all

Post-Secondary in

the regions of Texas

ESC's 4, 5, 6, 14, 18 and 19.

Brian Fav.jpg
Jill Fav.jpg

jill stone

sales consultant

Sales Territory: 

All K-12 schools in the regions of the Texas esc's 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

mason 7.png

Mason Jones

Sales Territory: 

K-12 and all

Post-Secondary in

the regions of the

Texas ESC's 1, 2, 15 & 20

Ian Allan

sales consultant

Sales Territory: 

K-12 in the regions of Texas ESC's 3, 4, 5, 6 & 13

Ian .JPG

steve stone

Director of Sales & Marketing

Post Secondary in the regions of texas ESC's 7 - 12.  

K12 and Post Secondary in the Regions of Texas ESC's 16 and 17.

All of Oklahoma

Rhonda 1.jpg

Rhonda Brown

Office Manager solidworks support

Lauren Fav.jpg

Lauren BrAband

account &

Operations Manager

open position



john ellis

technician, trainer & solidworks tech support

John Fav.jpg

Jason Bernard

lead technician & trainer

Jason Fav.jpg
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