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CO2 Laser Systems, Fiber Laser Systems, Texas Based, Unbeatable Support, Unbeatable Price, Unmatched Quality

CO2 Laser Product Line

Our pricing covers way more than just the machine and our competitors use “A la carte pricing” so while their base pricing seems attractive, it is just for the bare-bones machine, and you WILL need all the accessories and upgrades they offer to get to a machine comparable to ours. By the time you upgrade the laser tube, add ventilation, water chiller, Laptop, Lightburn software, remote controller, safety light, knife bed, rotary system, a 2nd-year warranty and most important of all comprehensive training and access to unlimited support!


Razor 1

Razor 2

Razor 3

Razor 3 DUO


Fire Mitigation

Crash Avoidance

Rotary and Cutting Table

Chiller, Air Assist and Exhaust Fan (Blower)

Integrated Workstation & Software

2 Year Warranty

In Stock and Ready to Ship

Fiber Laser Product Line

Whether it is high carbon polymers, steel, aluminum, titanium or countless other metals and alloys that you need to deep engrave, mark or serialize, Fiber laser engravers are THE tool for the job! 


Polymetal 30w

Polymetal 50w


Rotary Attachment

Premium Racus Q Laser Source

Opex Lenses

7.87 x 7.87 Illuminated Engravable Area

Fiber Optic Crush Protection

Software Included

2 Year Warranty

In Stock and Ready to Ship

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