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unmatched speed, savings, quality & support



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Form 3L

A Large Format 3D Printer Compact Enough for the Office and Robust Enough for the Factory Floor

Form 3

Professional 3D Printing for Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Innovators.

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Trusted By Industry

Tesla, Ford, Gillette, Sony, Google, Harvard, Dyson, Mayo Clinic, New Balance, Sony & more...

40,000,000 parts printed & counting!


affordable, intuitive & efficient

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The Power To Make Something That Defines The Future

Enhance student productivity with professional stereolithographic 3D printing that is easy to use, learn, and teach.  Bring design engineering concepts to life with unmatched precision and accuracy, and prepare students for promising new career paths of the future.

Photogrammertry with Drones for 3D Printing

3D Printing Lesson Plan Bundle for STEAM

From the Drawing Board to Production

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Meet the Fuse 1

SLS starting at $18,499