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Video Tutorials



This course is presented in video lessons that start at the very beginning, such as how to draw a line, and will progress through many of the basic skills.


This course will teach you how to perform and feel comfortable with the three basic functions of SolidWorks:

  • Create parts

  • Create assemblies using parts

  • Create drawings from parts and assemblies


Each video lesson demonstrates the SolidWorks topic being taught. Each lesson also has activities to test your ability to use the concepts presented in the videos.



The CSWA certification demonstrates your aptitude with SolidWorks, 3D solid modeling techniques, design concepts and engineering practices, and commitment to professional development.


This certification proves to employers that you have the required skill sets to work in the design and engineering fields.

This course covers content addressing the CSWA Competencies required for the exam and is designed to complement classroom instruction.

Roland SRP Player


This video course will walk you through the use of Roland’s SRP Player software, including:

  • The creation and saving of the part and the file options

  • How to open and manipulate the file into the correct size and orientation

  • Presentation of the toolpath options and cutting


Upon completing this course, you’ll be able to use the SRP software to control the machining of a part using the Roland milling machines.



This course is made of videos demonstrating the functionality of EnRoute CAD/CAM software and integrating EnRoute into your Forest Scientific CNC Machines.


Upon completion of this course you will have proficiency in:

  • Operation of the Forest Scientific CNC Router

  • Maintaining a Forest Scientific CNC Router

  • Designing with EnRoute CAD/CAM Software

  • Creating a toolpath with EnRoute

  • Running parts with a Forest Scientific CNC Router

  • Creating signs, other 2D parts as well as 3D parts

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