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electrical engineering, power transmission, automotive technology, electric vehicle technology, regenerative power
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Electrical Engineering

The development of new technologies is leading to new career possibilities that require highly specialized skills. These new skills requirements are having a major impact in the area of vocational training and education with the demand for new qualifications and curricula in such disciplines as process control technology, communication, electro mechanics, automation and Industry 4.0. 


Basic Electronics

Electrical Circuits

Digital Technology


Closed Loop Control

Communication Engineering

Drive & Power Electronics

Power Transmission

Wiring Installation & Building Management

Automotive Technology

We develop and produce our educational systems in close cooperation with the automotive industry and can thus guarantee that our systems are not only very realistic in terms of their hands-on applications but also state-of-the-art.

Since 2003 we have been teaming up with AUDI AG’s training center to develop automotive training and educational systems, for example, the auto lighting system training panel. This makes it possible for trainees to learn the fundamentals of vehicle electronics and modern data bus systems using original AUDI A4 parts.


BUS Systems

Sensors & Actuators

Safety Systems

Engine Management

Lighting Systems

Drive Train

Transmission Systems

Steering Systems

Electric Vehicle Technology

Regenerative Power

Students learn how a conventional power grid works and smart technologies work. They gain knowledge about the characteristics, behavior and operation of the new energy generation with easy-to-handle experimental kits. Next to power-plant, storage and consumers, solar and wind parks can be integrated.



Wind Power

Hydroelectric Power

Power Distribution & Power Supply Feed

Energy Efficiency & Metering

COM4 Lab

COM4LAB is a complete electrical engineering lab in a compact form. The system consists of a Master Unit, various experiment boards and interactive courses. COM4LAB combines hands-on experiments with the benefits of interactive e-learning for the best possible training outcomes.


DC Technology

AC Technology

Electrical Components

Digital Technology

Power Electronics

Three Phase Technology

Digital Communications

Automotive Electronics

Electrical Machines

Automation & BUS Technology

Electro Pneumatics


Control Engineering

Sensor Technology

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