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Commercial Drone Pilot Program

Part 107 Curriculum + DJI Drones & Accessories

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Your source for all things DJI & other leading brands

parrot, mavic, tello, inspire, matrice & more...

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Drone Courses

Developed by an Embry Riddle University Professor & Commercial Drone Pilot

Part 107 Commercial Drone Licence Course

Courses designed to help students achieve success as a commercial drone pilot.  Pass the Part 107 test and join a growing profession.


Curriculum & Drone Bundles

Turn-Key Programs + free content


Cloud-Based Curriculum


Exclusive Pricing for Education

Only From Lab Resources


Students have a 93% Pass Rate Taking the Part 107 Test

Why Choose Pilot Institute curriculum for your program?

A lot of people who join our course start by reading the FAA's study guide. After struggling to get through it, they start looking for alternatives. The FAA study guide has no videos, flashcards, test-pass guarantees, bonus courses, practice questions and more. It has great quality information, but most people need more learning resources to stay engaged.

Johann Beishline, Co-Founder of the Pilot Institute

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