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Easy to Use

xArm Studio offers a new way to program the robotic arm without code. Simply teach the xArm by hand.

Then dragging and dropping blocks, xArm can repeat complex paths in just 10 minutes.

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the most affordable industrial cobot available

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Operating Platforms

xArm Studio is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including macOS and Windows. The xArm SDK also includes Python, ROS, and C++ along with a fully open-source platform for integration flexibility.

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Powerful Joints

Built-in harmonic reducer, brushless servo, and 17-bit multi-turn absolute encoder make xArm joints durable and precise enough to work on long-term precise applications.


Crafted from Carbon Fiber, The xArm weighs in less than 15kg with 700mm reach.


DC Control Module

Mechanical Gripper

Camera Module

Vacuum Gripper

Bio Gripper

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