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Introducing Roland’s New Laser Engraving Machines

With over 35 years of experience in 3D and engraving products, Roland DGA announces the new LV-180 and LV-290 laser engravers.

The LV series laser engravers offer users a competitively priced, high-profit laser solution engineered to handle a wide range of applications, including, jewelry, giftware, glassware, signage, trophies, leather goods, fabrics, and much more. The LV devices can engrave and cut the following materials: Anodic Aluminum, painted metals, acrylic/PMMA, 2-ply laminate, wood, MDF, cork, leather, paper, fabric, glass, and Rubber.

The LV series also offers users a choice of USB or LAN connections for easy, seamless integration into an existing network environment. Network functions make the LV engravers ideal for a wide range of manufacturing and commercial applications. An LED laser pointer, included with each model, takes the guesswork out machine setup and allows you to engrave with incredible ease and accuracy. Technologically advanced, yet simple to use, the LV series offers outstanding performance and reliability at an affordable price.

• Engraves/ Cuts/Marks on acrylic, wood, metals, glass, plastics, stone, and more (please see user’s manual for limitations).

• Perfect for awards, signs, jewelry, and gifts.

• USB or LAN connectivity.

• LED laser pointer allows for pinpoint accuracy and alignment.

• Engraves and cuts materials with a high level of precision.

• Offers unsurpassed media compatibility.

• Engineered for optimum safety and ease of use.

• Uses Adobe, CorelDraw, AutoCAD and other similar design suites.

• Multi-function device that can be used as an engraver or cutter.

• Produces everything you need in real time without additional tooling.

Key Features and Benefits

• Out-of-box setup is fast and easy.

• Accurate Output – Closed-loop DC servo motor (for precise and fast carriage movement) combined with a reliable motion system allows for precise output.

• Auto-focus pin– Simple one button operation allows for automatic detection of material thickness.

• Laser pointer – Illuminating laser pointer allows for improved accuracy and alignment.

• Windows driver – Engraving/cutting/marking call can be achieved by use of the windows driver.

• Simple and intuitive operation panel – Simple button configuration optimizes ease of use.

• Enclosed system – The LV series is Class 1-compliant under the “IEC60825-1” international standard for laser devices.

The structural design ensures a sealed housing that prevents laser light from bleeding outside. If the cover is opened during processing, the safety interlock mechanism automatically halts laser irradiation. In addition, LED lighting illuminates the work area, allowing you to visually check whether processing is being performed safely and properly.

• Easy maintenance – Lid opens from both ends for easy access, simplifying daily maintenance. • Multiple lens available – Multiple-focus lens allows for optimal laser engraving/cutting workflows.

• CCD camera for LV-290 – The LV-290 can be equipped with a CCD camera. This camera aids in positioning materials accurately for precision contour cutting of UV-printed graphics (Not available in the LV-180).

• Roland service and support

• Two-Year Trouble-Free warranty (One-year warranty included – user must register product to qualify for second year of warranty coverage).

Lab Resources is based in Tomball, TX and is the only authorized, education specific, Roland DGA dealer for Texas and Oklahoma. If you're interested in Roland product for your school let us know. Our passion is helping your CTE program succeed!


At this time, our office phone lines are down and being worked on. We are unable to receive calls or voicemails until the new system is in place. Please reach out to Lauren Braband’s cell phone (832-205-3060) and leave a voicemail with your name, the school you work with, and the reason for calling; I will return your call as quickly as possible.  You can also reach out to Brian Allan on his cell (281-703-9922).

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