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MakerSpaces: Preparing Students for a $5B Freelance Economy & Choosing Your MakerSpace Type

No other program on campus, in my opinion, prepares students for the freelance economy with the creative and technical depth compared to a MakerSpace program - coming from someone with freelance experience.

According to Market Watch, the freelance job sector is forecasted to grow from $2B now to more than $5B by 2025. With COVID-19's impact on the economy and forcing companies to seek expense efficiency coupled with manufacturing trending toward "on-shoring" back to the US - the freelance sector will become a more important and lucrative function of the US and global economies.

When it comes to educational scope, Maker-Spaces facilitate a real-world and blended learning experience that students don't quite encounter in other programs. Students learn coding, fabrication, art, design, and then how to tie all of those elements together with engineering and science.

It's no wonder that MakerSpaces are growing across the country. But most interesting is that its industrious librarians are leading the way in driving this innovation.

What Type of MakerSpace To Create?

To answer this question, I recommend looking at local industry - it's always a bonus when you have participation at some level from your local business community. It gives the program a real-world ingredient that's not quite captured otherwise. However, your program doesn't have to rest with local industry.

Here are some options to consider:

  1. CTE Focused: Geared toward successful mastery of these tools, and their use within fabrication or manufacturing-oriented career settings.

  2. Da Vinci Studios: Set up to accommodate both art and science projects.

  3. Fab Labs: a prototyping space built for learning, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

  4. HackerSpaces: These shared Makers-Spaces aren’t “owned” by an instructor. They’re available for any class to schedule and use, or the equipment is open for use by students during elective periods or before and after regular school hours.

What We Do...

When you're ready to create your Maker-Space, Lab Resources is here to help you with

experience and expertise. We deliver best-in-class systems from manufacturers like Roland DGA and Formlabs.

Our Specialties:

  • Bench-Top Scale Systems

  • Industrial Scale Systems

  • PreSales Consultation / Proposals

  • Multi-Year Equipment Warranties

  • 3 Year Warranties on CNC Equipment, parts & labor (Forest CNC)

  • On-Site Training

  • On-Site Support

  • Preventative Maintenance Support

  • Repairs

  • Replacement Parts

  • Upgrades

If you're interested in creating or expanding your MakerSpace to enhance your design program, we're here to help. Contact us at


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