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SOLIDWORKS Launches an Advanced Design & Teaching Platform

SolidWorks' 3D Experience platform was created for industry as a design and collaboration tool to delivery efficiencies for a distributed, global workforce. With the platform's success in industry and recognizing its benefits, SolidWorks decided to offer this powerful, teaching tool to education in Q1 2020.

3D Design for Education is more than a CAD modeling tool, it's a platform that was inadvertently designed for distance learning and collaboration. From a central dashboard,

students have the option to work in teams or on an individual level, get one-on-one instructional help and store their designs on the cloud for easy access. Likewise, from their management dashboard, faculty have considerable visibility and control over their digital classroom.

One of the more attractive features for education is that the platform is cloud-based and students can access from any device, Macs or even mobile devices. The system also features robust, next generation "point and click" design features with the potential to reduce the learning curve and enable time efficiency for creat