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Formlabs: New Products & Advances, Disrupting Digital Fabrication

Since its founding from a Cambridge, MA basement in 2011, Formlabs continues to innovate with new products and deliver advances for existing products. They have a simple mission, “to expand access to digital fabrication, so anyone can make anything.”

The newest printer in the Formlabs 3D digital fabrication family, the Fuse 1, lives up perfectly to this mission. Until recently, SLS printing was costly – think European super-car costly – and complicated. In the past year, the Fuse 1 has without question disrupted that long-standing paradigm. There are two key elements that are contributing to this shift:

affordability and workflow. The Fuse 1 starts at $18,499 and the complete workflow starts at $31,845. Companies now have an option to move away from outsourcing prototypes and realizing a true ROI pathway with the Fuse 1, delivering their organizations better flexibility in product design and realizing faster product-to-market cycles. Formlabs is almost single-handedly driving a new wave of independent manufacturing and prototyping around the world.

Likewise, in less than a year of its release, Formlabs recently announced a new material for the Fuse 1, Nylon-11 – a follow-up to their Nylon-12 release. The Formlabs Nylon-11 is carefully produced to exacting standards for quality and consistency. The Nylon-11 produces ductile, robust parts that are great for small batch production. Nylon-11 is ideal for printing parts that need to bend or take impact. Like Nylon-12 from Formlabs, Nylon-11 comes in 3kg containers.

Now for a product advancement that many Form 3L users have been waiting for – automatic Wash and Cure stations. The large-format Form Wash L automatically agitates solvent to remove residual resin from Form 3L 3D parts, delivering a smooth, clean high-quality part finish. The new Wash L creates a simplified workflow that enables better efficiency. The Wash L also features a cycle counter that helps users maintain peak cleaning performance by notifying you when it’s time to replace solvent.

And now for the cure process. The Form Cure L uses heat, UV light and consistent exposure to bring parts to their peak finish and dimensional accuracy. The Cure L has pre-programmed cure settings to improve efficiency and it also enables users to create their own frequently used custom profiles for post-processing.

Both the Wash L and the Cure L start at $2,999.

2021 has been a BIG-YEAR for Formlabs. It will be exciting to see what 2022 holds with more advances that will further disrupt and redefine the digital fabrication industry. More companies every day are adopting Formlabs as a standard, companies like Tesla down to niche product design start-ups you’ve never heard of – yet!

Lab Resources is the exclusive Formlabs dealer in the educational sector and we also service the commercial markets for Oklahoma and Texas. We deliver installation, training and service. Come into our facility for a demo. Our certified staff is ready to work with you to find the system that fits your product development goals.

Order your Form 3 SLA resins and Fuse 1 SLS nylon powders from Lab Resources at a discount.

Lab Resources, Inc.

27905 Commercial Park Rd.

Suite 430

Tomball, TX 77375



At this time, our office phone lines are down and being worked on. We are unable to receive calls or voicemails until the new system is in place. Please reach out to Lauren Braband’s cell phone (832-205-3060) and leave a voicemail with your name, the school you work with, and the reason for calling; I will return your call as quickly as possible.  You can also reach out to Brian Allan on his cell (281-703-9922).

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