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Form 2, Form 3 Resin Cartridges In-Stock

The Formlabs Form 2 and Form 3 have become the go-to standard stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers for engineering and product development due to the platform's reliability and precision. Not to mention the less than $6k price point for a complete workflow – printer, wash and cure station. There are 50k+ Form 2's in operation globally being used to develop products we use every day by companies like Google, Apple, Ford, Tesla, Sony, Gillette and Dyson to name more than a few!

Similarly, the Form 3 is growing in popularity across all spectrums of education as well. As the exclusive Formlabs dealer for education in Texas and Oklahoma, we’re seeing educational organizations and libraries across the area adopt this SLA platform due to its low maintenance and operational costs. To say that Form 3 is a workhorse is an understatement.

As a result of Form 3’s increased adoption, Lab Resources is now carrying Formlabs’ most widely used standard resins: black, white, grey and clear. Each 1-liter resin cartridge is $149 and can be ordered with next-day delivery or in some cases we can provide same-day, local delivery in the Houston area.

Greyscale Resins: black, white and grey.

Matte surface finish, opaque appearance and precise details. These resins are ready to use

right off the printer. Their neutral undertones also make a great base material for parts that can be painted or undergo other finishing processes. Great for prototypes and models.

Clear Resin.

Designed for clear prints. Clear Resin is perfect for parts or products that require liquid flow, optics, lighting or translucency. Clear Resin is also a great base material for mold-making.

Request a sample part or contact us to place an order at (888) 963-2200.

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