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Formlabs...the ingredients for building a makerspace!

Hundreds of makerspaces exist all over the world. While they come in all shapes and sizes, and include many different types of tools and capabilities, all makerspaces serve one purpose: providing space for people to grow and share knowledge, access tools, and


Read on to learn what makes a makerspace tick, who should create one, and why they’re

ripe venues for community enrichment, entrepreneurship, and applications for automation and direct digital manufacturing (DDM).

Watch our recorded webinar, Versatile Production: Print Farms, Microfactories, and Makerspaces, to hear more about two other types spaces that support DDM: print farms and microfactories.

What’s in a Makerspace?

At their core, makerspaces are areas where people share tools and experience to build projects. On a higher level, they’re evidence of the fast-growing “sharing economy,” and have the potential to significantly impact a community’s knowledge and capacity.

Makerspaces are a great way for individuals to learn new skills and help their community while starting a new business. They’re also an opportunity for educational institutions to augment and add value to existing programs and physical space, and for companies or local governments to attract and create innovation in their area.

The basic ingredients of a makerspace include:

  • Tools and materials to make things.

  • Knowledgeable educators to teach people.

  • Processes to make sure everything fits together smoothly.

  • Space for classrooms and community events (consider online classes as well!).

  • A budget for space rental, tool replacement and repair, materials, and staffing.

  • Advertising to drive attendance (create a website and promote on social platforms like

  • A revenue model (can include subscription-based, pay-per-space, and funding/resources from an associated larger school, government entity, or institution).

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Lab Resources is based in Tomball, TX and is the only authorized, education specific, Formlabs dealer for Texas and Oklahoma. If you're interested in a Formlab 3D printer for your makerspace let us know. Our passion is helping your CTE program succeed!


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