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Aspire, Prepare, Succeed - Waltrip HS Students Become SOLIDWORKS Certified Associates (CSWA)

Reading an attached email this morning from Laura Allan, the president of Lab Resources, I noticed on the email signature of Ms. Maria Flores, the CTE Manager at Houston ISD, the following words: Aspire. Prepare. Succeed. Those words have unique meaning after I followed a link in the email profiling the technology students at Waltrip High School who recently passed the CSWA exam and are fully certified SOLIDWORKS associates for mechanical design.

Aspire, Prepare and Succeed; no three words capture better the ethos of what these students have accomplished and what Waltrip High School in Houston ISD has enabled these students. Each earned a privilege to join the ranks of 2 million engineers and designers who work for 165k companies located around the world. Most importantly they have accomplished an important milestone that will almost ensure a pathway for professional success. According to ZipRecruiter, there are 20,498 job currently available for certified SOLIDWORKS design professionals. Likewise, the average starting salary for a junior SOLIDWORKS designer is $44k and a the average salary for a senior designer is $91k.

Lastly, special recognition and thanks should be extended to Ms. Stephanie Witherspoon and Mr. Jesse Vo. Their vision to create a Fabrication Lab (3D printers, CNC, laser engraving...etc.) based around SOLIDWORKS has delivered a framework that truly enables the technology students of Waltrip High School a chance to Aspire, Prepare and Succeed! Thank you for both for the difference you have made in these student's lives and futures. What a GREAT client success story in a multitude of ways.

Congratulations Waltrip High School Technology Students for Your CSWA Achievement...

Lab Resources is based in Tomball, TX and is the only authorized, education specific, SOLIDWORKS reseller for Texas and Oklahoma. If you're interested in a SWKS program for your school let us know. Our passion is helping your CTE program succeed!

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