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Electric Vehicle (EV) Trainers for Education

By 2030 the number EV's on the road in the US is expected to reach 18.7 million up from 1 million at the end of 2018, according to the research firm Frost & Sullivan. Automotive

companies are actively retooling a production shift toward EV platforms and dealerships will be hiring qualified technicians to service this growing automotive sector in the near future.

Telsa probably gets the most notoriety within the EV sector; however, VW likely has the widest depth of vehicles operating on an EV platform. By 2025 Tesla is expected to sell 2 million vehicles while VW is forecasted to sell 2.6 million electric vehicles.

In conjunction with VW, our partner, LD Didactic, a German based organization, has created a range of EV trainers that teach the fundamentals of electrical technology, high voltage technology, battery technology, safety and maintenance. Within the maintenance training module, instructors have the ability to insert a multitude of faults including safety line defective, low insulation resistance, contact resistance too great, defective capacitor discharge and over 20 more on the various EV trainers. The LD Didactic's 3 EV training units range from a desktop unit complete with a charging station up to a full scale VW car.